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Buzz Review of Kidnap

Buzz Review of Kidnap 1

I have seen so many movies in my lifetime, almost too many. I’m not a sage of movies with white beards and grey hair, but I would easily describe Kidnap as one of the most under-rated movies of all time. After reading my first sentence, some major critics all over world would probably call me delusional. But after seeing a movie that has been out-rightly murdered critically, I put my best foot forward with My Buzz Review of Kidnap to say; it was a once-in-a-decade type of masterpiece.

Buzz Review of Kidnap 2

Kidnap is a warm-blooded thriller with the ability to tug at the heart strings of all types of audiences. We see Halle Berry put forward one of the best performances of her entire career as a single mother; Karla Dyson. I doff my hat for the brilliance, originality and well-balanced tone of a movie with such a clear message and defined plot. Not forgetting the adorable little performance put up by  Sage Correa as Frankie McCoy (Karla’s son). Kidnap managed to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout its entire run.

Buzz Review of Kidnap 3

However, this is not to say that the movie does not have its own gaps here and there, but I choose to see a few of them as deliberate creativity. An incredible way for the production team to leave certain things to the imagination of the audience. This was a story of love, bravery, determination, belief, and outright badass.

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For a low budget film, the cinematography was well placed with detailed, scene-by-scene build up to a climatic emotional showdown. How far are you willing to go to protect the one you love most? Kidnap showed us a mother who was ready to bring all hell just to keep her six-year old son alive – This was outright character motivation.

Buzz Review of Kidnap 5

Consistently, throughout the film, I found myself saying a silent prayer for the safety of a fictional six-year old boy. It was no longer my objective to just see the film, but rather, to also play my part in helping to get the boy back, by sitting my ass down, and staying glued to the screen till he was back in his mother’s arms again. Kidnap might have a number of naysayers, but honestly, my buzz review of Kidnap is a testimony, because I’m a believer! Haha…too much?

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Official Synopsis of Kidnap:

A typical afternoon in the park turns into a nightmare for single mother Karla Dyson when kidnappers snatch her young son Frankie. With no cellphone and no time to wait for police, Dyson jumps into her car to follow the vehicle that holds Frankie. As the pursuit turns into a frantic, high-speed chase, Karla must risk everything and push herself to the limit to save her beloved child.

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