Movies To Look Out For In February 2019

For the month of February, there are a couple of well-anticipated movies getting released. These are films you should look out for on your next visit to the cinema. Here are the top movies to look out for in February 2019 in your best film-craving interest; No. 5: Alita: Battle Angel This

Movies To Look Forward To In March 2018

Movies To Look Forward To In March 2018 1

On behalf of everyone here at Buzz in motion, I would like to wish everybody a happy new month. We were presented with  breathtaking and record shattering movies in February. However, there is already an awesome line up of films for the month of March and they look like movies

Buzz Review Of Black Panther: Did All That Melanin Really Pop?

Buzz Review Of Black Panther

The Marvel Cinematic Universe had the much-anticipated Black Panther film released on Friday, February 16, to showcase their latest production of a big screen superhero film without any ties to the traditional out-of-this-world white dominated flicks of the 21st Century Hollywood. So this time, they doled out a radically different

Buzz Review of Thor: Ragnarok

Buzz Review of Thor: Ragnarok 1

Personally, I think this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most audacious entry so far because they truly pushed their creativity and audience imagination on this one. Thor: Raganarok is a mini unification act by Marvel that brings together diverse elements of the MCU which could only be rivaled by the

Buzz Review Of Banana Island Ghost

Buzz Review Of Banana Island Ghost 1

Banana Island Ghost is another mind-blowing, proudly Nigerian, brilliant creation that joins a teeming number of well-scripted, properly directed Nigerian movies that have been produced by young, imaginative Nigerian writers and producers alike. From fifty to Before 30 to Isoken and the list keeps getting longer. Not forgetting the ever