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    Oluwaseun Oshin

    It’s general knowledge that some characters are not going to feature in Marvel’s stage 4 productions. Which character do you think will be killed off in this upcoming movie?

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    Enioluwa Awopejo

    i believe this battle is going to be so brutal, it couldtake away heroes that mean a lot to us;

    1. IronMan

    2. SpiderMan

    3. Vision

    4. Black Widow

    5. Winter Soldier

    6. Falcon

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    I am almost certain that IronMan would be out. Robert Downey is aging (gracefully) but in my opinion he has become over aged to play IronMan and the Infinity War seems like a good excuse to let him go.

    Vision has a target on his forehead (literally). He is very vulnerable here. Thanus would be so out to get him.

    I am not sure that WinterSoldier and Falcon have strong enough characters to stay on but who knows?

    That’s what I think.


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    Oluwaseun Oshin

    Iron man and vision most likely. The others though are quite unlikely to be taken away. What about the Hulk?

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    Enioluwa Awopejo

    Losing Ironman and Vision alone wouldn’t be enough emotional weight for such a grand climax in my opinion. The Guardians would likely lose Drax too; This one that he is on a suicide mission to fulfill his title as Drax: The Destroyer by killing Thanos. In fact, I think all the heroes will die horrible deaths first, then someone travels back in time to change things (possibly Dr Strange) and then they comeback for a second final showdown, but the heroes that die in the second showdown stay dead.

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    Who will die? Well I think it’ll be unfair if Spidey survives (seeing as he was getting totalled by Thanos in that trailer along with Iron Man) and I’m not sure they’ll wanna kill Captain America (like I heard he was in the Comics version?) but I’m pretty sure Hawkeye & Scarlett Witch will die. For the fun of it, I think Gamora or Mantis will both die, and maybe Vision too? Lool, I dunno. Some of the big guns might end up dying too! ?

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    Enioluwa Awopejo

    Spiderman might not die but I’m not so sure about Peter Parker. Because Marvel already teased Miles Morales’ existence in the MCU. So they could kill off Peter and go with Miles Morales but considering the contracts with Sony, its a long shot. Hawkeye was a complete no-show in the trailer…makes me wonder if he’s the first to die.

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