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Buzz Review of The Mummy

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“Welcome to a world of gods and monsters” – if this were real, we would all probably be dead…or undead. Either way, The Mummy was a movie riddled with so many unanswered questions, you’d think it was a girl giving you the silent treatment. So my buzz review of the mummy is inspired by a thrilling, yet mind numbing experience in the theatre, which is why I still consider it less than averagely satisfying!

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The mummy ushers us into a new era of the monstrous and chaotic with Sofia Boutella putting up a terrifyingly intriguing performance as Princess Ahmanet. Tom Cruise (Nick Morton) and Jake Johnson (Annabelle Wallis) on the other hand are a brilliant tag team of light-hearted humor, bad choices and more bad choices.

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Considering that this franchise has been known to represent every form of terror, one would expect that a reboot would leave the audience with nightmares. Unfortunately, The Mummy was so hell bent on impressing the audience that it left out the elements of the classic horrors…how disappointing.

A few of the supposedly terrifying scenes left me with an “oh! Okay cool” expression while others literally had me cheering…”yaayyyy”. At the end of the day, I realized I had just seen another modern day thriller that tried to be terrifying but ended up being an action flick, with super powers all over the place and no actual depth. My best guess is that, it was all in a bid to make a movie about the undead look “cool”…this not cool Universal!

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The most commendable feature of The Mummy was the humor, the humor was so good, it had me laughing at people on the verge of death…and I still don’t feel sorry. Sofia Boutella (again) gave a brilliant performance by delivering a villain that could draw raw empathy from the audience – which is hard to find these days. Also, the hard-to-get romance between Tom Cruise’s Nick Morton and Annabelle Wallis’ Jenny Halsey was all too drab with nothing but a history distrust and few good deeds defining their romantic connection.

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The Mummy was as though Universal studios feared a bad audience reception of the terrifyingly dark tones of the original mummy movies that they decided “you know what? Screw horror originality! Destructive CGI is just as scary”. Maybe, if this were a Resident Evil movie, things would have turned out much better…oh wait! We already knew that.

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In the end, you would feel no actual sense of loss as the movie delivers a somewhat happy ending that makes you actually feel happy that The Mummy was unleashed upon the earth…or maybe just London. I believe that the Buzz Review of the Mummy being such a cult classic would have been positive if certain things had just stayed the same. Nonetheless, if Universal studios is looking to successfully bring to life a classic universe of gods and monsters, they still have a lot learn about putting the “scare” in scary and a few other essentials.

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Official Synopsis of The Mummy:

Nick Morton is a soldier of fortune who plunders ancient sites for timeless artifacts and sells them to the highest bidder. When Nick and his partner come under attack in the Middle East, the ensuing battle accidentally unearths Ahmanet, a betrayed Egyptian princess who was entombed under the desert for thousands of years. With her powers constantly evolving, Morton must now stop the resurrected monster as she embarks on a furious rampage through the streets of London.

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