Buzz Review of Justice League: Was it Worth Watching?

Buzz Review of Justice League 1

The most beautiful things in the world today are not perfect but yet we acknowledge them for owning the right to be beautiful. Walking out of the hall after seeing Justice League, left me beyond satisfied and mind blown at the same time. That feeling could only be bested by

Buzz Review of Thor: Ragnarok

Buzz Review of Thor: Ragnarok 1

Personally, I think this is the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most audacious entry so far because they truly pushed their creativity and audience imagination on this one. Thor: Raganarok is a mini unification act by Marvel that brings together diverse elements of the MCU which could only be rivaled by the

Buzz Review of Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Buzz Review of Kingsman: The Golden Circle 1

I love it when movie-makers dare to change the status-quo. Movies are like ice cream, and genres are different flavors. Taking a particular flavor often could be exhausting when it isn’t spiced up from time to time with different toppings like granola, berries e.t.c.  Nonetheless, Kingsman: The Golden Circle was

Buzz Review Of Banana Island Ghost

Buzz Review Of Banana Island Ghost 1

Banana Island Ghost is another mind-blowing, proudly Nigerian, brilliant creation that joins a teeming number of well-scripted, properly directed Nigerian movies that have been produced by young, imaginative Nigerian writers and producers alike. From fifty to Before 30 to Isoken and the list keeps getting longer. Not forgetting the ever

Buzz Review of Kidnap

Buzz Review of Kidnap 1

I have seen so many movies in my lifetime, almost too many. I’m not a sage of movies with white beards and grey hair, but I would easily describe Kidnap as one of the most under-rated movies of all time. After reading my first sentence, some major critics all over

Buzz Review of Transformers: The Last Knight

Buzz Review of Transformers: The Last Knight 1

Transformers: The Last Knight as you may already know is the fifth installment in the Transformers movie franchise and like most movies with multiple sequels, issues abound. I am a fan of the Transformers but quite frankly, this one did not deliver on the goods as much as we all

Buzz Review of Spider-Man: Homecoming

Buzz Review of Spider-Man: Homecoming 1

For all comic lovers and movie critics, Spiderman: Homecoming is a cinematic depiction of the comic feel of your favorite neighborhood superhero. Apparently, 21-year old actor (are we sure about this??); Tom Holland is boyish enough to play a 15-year-old Peter Parker. My Buzz Review of Spider-Man: Homecoming is based

Buzz Review of Isoken

Buzz Review of Isoken 1

The narrative ISOKEN centers around a 34 year old beautiful, successful, yet single woman (Isoken Osayande) played effortlessly by Dakore Akande who by the way, is one stellar performer to look out for in the Nigerian movie industry. She gives us the thrills and chills of what it really is